Sacred Feelings – EJIGA PETER I need you wild

Sacred Feelings – EJIGA PETER

I need you wild,

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I need your feelings of dread and frailties,
stresses and uneasiness,
bad dreams and complexities,
defect and pity,
outrage and disarray,
tears and catastrophe.

I need to demonstrate to you how delightful your spirit is.
incredibly uncommon you are
much love and thoughtfulness you merit
I need the opportunity to cover up the barbed
edge of your not really
broken pieces and
cherish you totally.

I am hopeless romantic
who is terrified of real love.
for you my adoration
is sufficiently solid
to eradicate the agony of your past
relentless you from the vulnerability
of the present and
shield you from
the revulsions without bounds.

Nobody will kiss you as I do,
don’t you know sweetheart?
I inhaled life once again into you.


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