Nonobjective arts focal point is geometric kind of art

Nonobjective arts focal point is geometric kind of art. It is art that does not try to reproduce the appearance of objects or actual experiences. Nonobjective art does not focus on specific objects, individuals. or the reality of life like water falls mountains trees and all things found in the natural world.

The artistic movement emerged in Russia in 1917 The artist of these movements was Wassily Kandinsky, Kazimir Malevich, and Naum Gabo. Their compositions are constructed mathematically in addition, the valuation of the space and the space time elements were fundamental. ?they believed that geometry was the maximum point of exquisiteness These artists were inspired by the technical production from an aesthetic point of view. They abandoned the purely material field and dedicated itself to all artistic fields: design posters, fashion, typography, photography, interior design, propaganda, and artwork. ?